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Here’s very short video I have produced showing 27 emotive wedding photos in less than a minute.

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Prestwold Hall Wedding Fair


I will be exhibiting at Prestwold Hall wedding fair this Sunday (26th February 2016).  Prestwold Hall is one of my favourite Leicestershire wedding venues and I have photographed many weddings there.

The wedding fair will be on from 12.30pm to 3.30pm and the full address is Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Lane, Prestwold, near Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 5SQ.  If you wish to attend, please pre-register by CLICKING HERE and you will receive a FREE goody bag on arrival.

I will have lots of examples of my reportage style of wedding photography.  I will bring along lots of stunning wedding albums too.  If you are planning a wedding it would be great to see you there and have a chat about the photography requirements for your wedding.

Here is a small selection of photographs I have taken at weddings at Prestwold Hall:

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Written by Martin Neeves – Experienced Wedding Photographer

choosing the transport

Choosing your wedding transport can allow you to indulge your own fantasies and dreams.  Whether you want a horse and carriage, a car or some other exotic mode of transport, it gives you a grand opportunity to make a statement.  People have gone to and from their wedding on bicycles, in buses, tractors, by boat, a fire engine, a battle tank, a racing car –  the list goes on.  

Whatever your chosen mode of transport there are something’s to think about when making that choice.  Your choice should be based upon some well-considered factors:

  • The time of year.  Yes, I know it is obvious but I have now photographed a few weddings where open topped cars and horse drawn carriages have been used in Winter or Late-Autumn – result a very cold and sometimes wet bride.  Open top is great in summer, so think practically and not with your heart.
  • How long is the journey?  A short trip of a mile or so is fine in an open top vehicle, but can mess a lovely hairdo up if the distance is long or the vehicle needs to move quickly.  Additionally, I recall one wedding ceremony was in a lovely traditional church and the reception was in a not so nearby hotel.  When I say “not so near” I mean nearly ten miles away.  The happy couple had chosen to ride from the church in a horse and carriage.  It looked really lovely and it was mostly down country lanes, but it took a good hour and they had “assumed” that it would only take 20 to 30 minutes.  Neither the couple nor their charioteer had measured the distance or worked out the timings.  Result, the guests had all driven there by car and had to wait a long time for the couple to arrive.
  • What if?  Yes, good old sod’s law, if it can go wrong it will go wrong.  What happens if your car or carriage breaks down, runs out of petrol (or hay)?  What is your contingency plan; do you have a mobile phone to call for help?  Does the vintage car hire company have a back-up car to come to the rescue if needed?  If the wedding ceremony runs a little late, have you booked the car for long enough to cater for that extra time?  Some car providers book several events in a day and allocate a time slot for your wedding.  When you look over the car or carriage to book it, you probably fit in fine, but when you have that voluminous dress on is there still going to be room for you without damaging the dress?
  • So it’s a classic or vintage or a modern car then?  Well the choice can be quite wide.  It is wise of you are going to hire a vintage or classic car to have a look at it before the day.  Is its condition what you envisaged?    Can you access it easily without losing your dignity?  There are too many photos on Facebook of brides showing too much of their underwear because the method of transport was not practical.  Do not let your wedding be one featured as “what the bride hasn’t noticed”.
  • Any car will do.  Be careful who you hire from.  Anyone can hire their car out for weddings, even if they have a lovely looking car.  Are they insured?  Have they maintained the car properly – much more of an issue if it is a classic or vintage car.  If the journey is too long and you are using a vintage car, is it reliable enough to guarantee getting to the church on time? Is it cleaned properly, a lovely white dress can be messed up if the car seat is not cleaned properly.  You know that even a highly polished leather seat can be a problem if the wrong kind of polish is used. Is the route to the church and reception suitable for the chosen carriage?  I heard of a wedding car getting stuck in a ford because it had not been thought through properly – result one wet dress and a spoiled wedding day.
  • Who is driving?  Are you having a chauffeur provided by the hiring company.  Will they be dressed appropriately jeans and t-shirt or even the wrong type of jacket and tie can spoil the effect?  Are they experienced and safe?  Do you want to hire a car for Dad to drive you to the wedding?  If so, he needs to have a test run and know the route well before the day.  Many classic and vintage cars are so different from modern cars that it is foolish to just jump in and drive it on the day. 
  • Ribbons and Curls.  Do you want or expect to have the car decorated with ribbons etc.?  If so how easy will it be to do that? Actually, it is easier with older cars than it is with the streamlined modern cars.
  • Who is going in hire cars?  This can vary from just the bride and father to the ceremony and the bride and groom to the reception, to the whole wedding party.  In such cases then various buses or coaches can add to the magic.  A short distance in summer then all can go on a horse drawn cart, but don’t subject them to it if it is more than half a mile – sore bums will be the result.

In conclusion.  Think carefully about your wedding transport and enjoy the day in splendid comfort.

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Here is a small selection of photos I took of Ruth and Phil’s wedding in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire.

Ruth started her big day by going with her bridesmaids to Matthew Curtis hairdressers on Union Street in Stratford.  It was a great atmosphere in there with so many excited people crammed into the salon.  I could see straight from the start that I would be photographing a very smiley bride and I was right as Ruth had a big grin on her face all day (in between lots of hearty laughs).  The bridal crew then walked a few doors down the street to harmony Beauty Salon to have their make-up done.

Phil started his big day by greeting guests at The Arden Hotel on Waterside in Stratford.  After the usual buttonhole and corsage pinning on, they all trooped off for a pre-wedding drink at a pub that was handily located next to the registry office.

Next, everyone set off to Stratford registry office for the wedding ceremony.  After the legal bit, the whole wedding party went to Holy Trinity Church in Old Town, Stratford for a blessing.  Holy Trinity Church is a very famous church as it is where William Shakespeare was buried.  Consequently, there is a constant stream of tourists making a pilgrimage to see the Bard’s gravestone and to have a look around the magnificent church.  This day was no different and it was lovely to see tourists of all nationalities lining the churchyard path and wishing the happy couple well.  After blessing, I took the couple, their children and their dog for a few posed shots by the riverside before the light faded on the winter afternoon.

Phil and Ruth then joined the rest of their guests for a reception back at the Arden Hotel which is opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, so again, there were more tourists wishing the happy couple well.  before and after the wedding breakfast, entertainment was provided by a magician and the highly talented caricaturist George Williams The Wedding Artist.  I have known George for many years and he never ceases to amaze me as he is so fast at drawing caricatures and he gets the likenesses spot on.  He is always to be seen surrounded by wedding guests laughing and holding up their pictures.  

The happy couple then cut a nautical-themed wedding cake (as they are both into sailing) before going into their first dance.  All in all, it was a very relaxed and happy day shared with a great bunch of people.

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Here is a selection of photos of Rachel and Alex’s tipi wedding at Bawdon Lodge Farm, Nanpantan, near Loughborough, Leicestershire.

When Rachel and Alex booked to do their wedding photography, they told me their wedding venue would be unusual as they were not having a hotel or stately home.  Instead, while their ceremony would be at a church (St. Leonard’s in Swithland), their wedding reception was to be held in a huge tipi (or more accurately, tree tipis joined together) in a field on a farm near Loughborough.  They wanted to make sure that I was OK with that as they realised that photography in tipis can be quite challenging and that some photographers struggle to cope with the difficult lighting conditions inside tipis.  I assured them that I have been coping with difficult lighting conditions for years, so all would be well.

On the day, the wedding ceremony went well.  Unfortunately it started to rain as soon as the couple came out of the church and by the time we all reached Bawdon Lodge Farm, it was raining heavily.  All the guests ran for shelter inside the tipi while I managed to get a handful of shots outside with Rachel and Alex using a parasol to dodge the rain.  One of the problems with rain (apart from the wetness of it!) is that it comes from big black clouds which reduce light levels significantly, so there was not much light outside the tipi.  Inside the tipi, the small amount of light from outside was filtered through the orange-brown canvas of the tipi to make for a very dark interior.  While it made for a very atmospheric wedding, it was an extremely challenging situation which would lead to many less experienced photographers reaching for their flashguns.  I prefer to shoot as much as I can by available light as flash tends to kill the atmosphere which looks too artificial unless it is used creatively off-camera.  I managed to shoot with available light right up until the first dance (when the off-camera flashes came out) and I coped with the dim orange-brown lighting conditions, but I was glad of my highly sensitive cameras, fast lenses and my 30 years of experience as a professional photographer.  Without these, the resulting photographs would look very different indeed.

It was a lovely wedding with a great bunch of people.  Couples often ask me what happens if it rains at their wedding and I always tell them the same thing:  I will just photograph them enjoying themselves inside rather than outside.  Some of my favourite weddings were on rainy days, as for me it’s all about the couple and their guests.  If you have a lively bunch of fun-loving people, the wedding will be great (and look great) regardless of the weather.

Rachel and Alex were so happy with their wedding photos that they sent me a thank you card saying the following: “Alex and I wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the beautiful photographs you took on our wedding day.  We are absolutely delighted with all of them and we have had so many lovely comments from friends and family who have also loved them.  Thank you for working so hard (and in slightly cold and wet!) conditions to get such brilliant photos which will remind us forever of such a happy day.”

Here’s a list of the other wedding suppliers that helped to make Rachel and Alex’s day so special:

Wedding planner: Val Mattinson of Benessamy Weddings & Events

Wedding tipi: Sami Tipi

Wedding venue: Bawdon Lodge Farm

Caterers: Truffle Catering

Florist: Flowers by Sarah

Guest transport: Confidence Coaches

Band: Topcat via Function Junction management

Wedding car: Trevor West

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who can cope with photographing a tipi wedding (even in the rain), then Contact Martin Neeves Photography or call me on 01455 271 849 or on 07973 638 591 for the highest quality Wedding photography.