A Typical Day

fab3f37c4b4cb4c4038d9aef40bf38e8Each wedding is unique, but here is the kind of coverage I can provide for your wedding:

I like to start the day with around 45 minutes of bridal preparation. This sets the scene for the day and it helps to settle the bride and bridesmaids into having their photographs taken. Naturally, when the bride needs some privacy I leave the room to photograph other people.

dc640c567684d8d8a26ca2e70ed9b762I can then cover the drinks reception or wedding breakfast. I can’t take many photographs while people are actually eating, as the guests normally have their heads down when they have a plate of food in front of them, and no-one wants a picture of themself with a mouthful of food! In between courses, however, is an ideal time for photographs, as guests are usually chatting and looking happy and animated.

889e9148450249ee4a5ddfacbb2310ddI then like to arrive at the wedding venue no less than 30 minutes before the ceremony starts, so I can meet the vicar or registrar and take some photographs of the groom and guests arriving.

If the vicar or registrar allows it (not all do), I photograph the ceremony.

1d0ffdbe0e1f6717fe31c157ebda4163Speeches usually make for excellent photographs – especially the reactions to the best man’s speech! If the cutting of the cake falls within my attendance time, I photograph it as it happens. If not, I can easily pose that shot before I leave (usually before the guests enter the dining room).

f6d803bae00421bf07d3817eb527a036I then photograph the guests congratulating the happy couple and, if required I take a small number of posed group photographs (although I like to keep these to a minimum, to allow me to take as many candid photographs as possible).

baf53668d801e74891205e7d45c82734Some couples ask me to stay to photograph the first dance and some of the early dancing too. I can stay as long as you wish.

All of this (apart from the small number of group shots) is photographed unobtrusively, with as little intervention or direction from me as possible.

To find out more please contact me and to see more of my work from the Leicester area and beyond please click on the images below.